Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

Zircon Porcelain Veneers What is it?

Zircon ceramic (porcelain) is the infrastructure of the coating material . Color close to your natural teeth , the most advanced material that offers a combination of both aesthetic and durability in coatings for a material that transparency and robustness . Experience , knowledge, care and functional as well as aesthetic blending of technology is also possible to provide one of the most successful and zirconia implants .

Scope of Application

In dentistry, fixed prosthetics ( single coating , bridge ) should be applied in almost all cases.
Some reverse and the back group of origin in long bridges have very high strength , it may be preferable to a metal coating based on zirconia.


* It does not create a level of gray discoloration of the gums and looks like a natural tooth.
* It does not cause an allergic reaction.
* Full ceramic tiles and laminated veneer to a much more robust than is its strength close to metal substructure.
* Zircon thermal conductivity less than that of other coatings.


* Metal infrastructure is expensive than porcelain .


The average session for applications up to 3 members 3,4 and needs time 9.10 days.

Number of members arrtık of tooth preparation time is increased , for example, preparing the tooth for 3 members while one session , this time will be 3 sessions for 10 members. other steps will remain the same for the total number of treatment sessions 2 sessions will be increased . 6 Total number of treatment sessions , number of days will be 12-13 percent .

In the case of the root canal treatment and dental prosthesis to be extensive gum treatment period should be extended for a few more sessions .


* Prosthetic materials and treatment -induced problems at all 7-year warranty is given a new prosthesis .
* The patient-related oral hygiene of the problem is out of warranty problems arising from accidents and strokes.


* Panoramic and periapical x-rays and treatment planning retreat
* Where necessary fillings, root canal treatment and gum treatment
* Eg grinding of teeth and the same session preparing composite made ​​of temporary coatings
* Taking the measurement and laboratory stages : preparation of dental porcelain and zircon infrastructure
* Porcelain dental rehearsal , alignment and bonding of the prosthesis in the mouth


Yet a significant proportion of zirconium used for conformance testing for use in the medical sector , industrial high radioactivity can be made from zirconia blocks. Zircon research before making your brand and whether a license , we recommend that you do not want the certificate of zirconium . In our clinic , METOXIT ( Switzerland ) and amanngirrbach (Germany) , we use the brand and zirconium . METOXIT is the first medical company engaged in bio compatibility tested zircon in the world. The company is a worldwide amanngirbach only producing zircon medical sector.

Zircon good infrastructure and interconnection of the porcelain is not provided in cases where very often it is seen leaving the porcelain surface of zirconium . Technicians at the stage when the zirconia ceramic interconnect link or alternative technologies used in connection with the zircon is stronger.