Porcelain Veneers

Metals Infrastructure Porcelain Veneers What is it?

Type of infrastructure is used as a coating to a metal under the porcelain of various metal alloys that are manufactured for use in dental porcelain . These metals are highly compatible with teeth and gum tissue resistant to standard metal alloy.

Scope of Application

Dentures fixed to a metal porcelain dental needs in almost every case it is the most widely used dentures tour .


* Taking Panoramic and periapical radiographs tow treatment plan
* Necessary in filling the root canal treatment done and gum treatment
* Eg grinding of teeth and the same session preparing composite made ​​of temporary coatings
* Measures intake
* Laboratory phases : preparation of the metal infrastructure porcelain
* Metals infrastructure rehearsal
* Porcelain dental rehearsal
* Alignment and bonding of dental prostheses in the mouth


* Metal -enabled infrastructure porcelain is the most durable and widely used material .
* When shown the necessary sensitivity porcelain metal infrastructure is aesthetically satisfactory level .
* Porcelain metal infrastructure is economic.


* Hence light transmittance in the metal structure is not as good as natural teeth. Therefore, it is inadequate compared to ceramic zirconium and aesthetics .
* Over time it can create gray discoloration of the gum level .
* Metal infrastructure porcelain applicable in each case.
* Although rarely uses nickel-free alloys in the metal infrastructure construction porcelain it can cause allergic reactions.


The average 3 or 4 sessions metal infrastructure for applications up to 3 members of porcelain and treatment time is needed 9 or 10 days.

Metals enabled the number of members in the treatment of tooth preparation porcelain arrtık treatment time increases , for example the preparation of the female member 1 to 3 sessions in progress, this time will be 3 sessions for 10 members. other steps will remain the same for the total number of treatment sessions 2 sessions will be increased . 6 Total number of treatment sessions , number of days will be 12-13 percent .

Dental root canal therapy and teeth while the case is to be made and extensive gum treatment should be extended for a few more sessions .


* Patient's expectations at the beginning of treatment porcelain metal infrastructure should be learned in a detailed way .
* A detailed reproduction of the measurement and precision is required a technician to work properly.
* It should pay attention to oral hygiene for the long-term success of the treatment.
* At least once a year should come to routine dental check.