Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment What is it?

Orthodontics ( Wire treatment), the lower and upper jaw in addition to the treatment of dental crowding is a treatment face and aiming to improve the overall relationship with each other.

Scope of Application

Children and adults can be applied to individuals of all ages .
The problem occurs in children in adolescence not yet formed or were just beginning to be done as a preventative to avoid problems . Treatments to prevent the completion of the age of development of jaw surgery is possible in the future.
Teeth that overlap one another , which is very intermittent , that protruding , the lips are closed , top and bottom teeth are not touching each other , so that the jaws of much ahead or behind . applicable to cases .

To practice

imple moving apparatuses are able to insert and remove the patient's teeth can be applied to correct the crowding . Growth in children during the period applicable for appliances can be installed and removed by the children who are involved with the development orientation of the jaws . Such apparatuses are likely in the future to solve jaw surgery can be done in a very simple way .
More complex systems, such as using a removable crowding can be corrected with the help of invisalign clear plaques.
Hard apparatuses are : the tooth surface can not be installed and removed by the patient's name and given pasted bracket system consisting of wires passing through them . These metal brackets would not be reduced to a great extent thanks to the tooth-colored aesthetic problems
Surgical methods: solutions made ​​in the absence of orthodontic treatment in patients who have completed growth are jaw surgery. ( orthognathic surgery )


* Treatment at the end of their natural teeth have become stuck in the mouth.
* Improve the aesthetic appearance of yourself psychologically makes you feel good
* Besides the aesthetics of decay caused by crowding , it would have prevented problems such as gum problem.
* With a better chewing jaw joint , head and neck pain and reduces the problems of the digestive system problems are avoided .


* Generally the longer the treatment time .
* When seen from the outside of the wire ( with porcelain brackets this problem is reduced)


Digital panoramic and cephalometric X-rays of those detailed analysis , analysis of models, photographing and archiving of photos during checks.


* Orthodontic treatment period lasts approximately 2 years can vary up to 4 years 4 months.
* On average once every 4 weeks are necessary to control the patient's routine .


* Apparatuses are given by the physician must be used as indicated by the physician 's time and date must be adhered to .
* Oral hygiene must be maximum attention. As noted physician and the firmness of bruises around the bracket is not done brushing should be remembered along with white spotting can occur very easily.
* Mouth shower to improve oral hygiene ( OXYJET ) should be used . If you are not at home floss or interdental brushes should be used.
* Should be avoided as much as possible of the hard food should be eaten in small pieces.
* After treatment is completed to return some of the teeth become involved as long as the old apparatuses should be used to reinforce the physician she said .


* X-ray analysis to be conducted first session , taken photographs and measurements .
* Moving treatment apparatuses attached to the mouth which is prepared to be made . Brackets and wires are attached to be made constant treatment .
* Routine controls is continued therapy.