Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings What is it?

White fillings , also called , both used in the front teeth back , the firm is present in aesthetic dentistry is most commonly used as filler material.

Scope of Application

Front - rear seats in all occurring dental caries , erosion, can be applied in case of breakage .


* Esthetic composite fillings due to the teeth in the same color .
* Composite fillings are durable and resistant as well as aesthetics .
* Unlike metal fillings composite fillings toxic substances such as mercury does .
* Because of the ability to adhere to the tooth surface feature unlike metal filler composite fillings in teeth is no need to remove healthy tooth tissue.
* Composite fillings light- curing are completed during treatment .


* Caries is far below the gum 's success rate in cases where isolated from blood and saliva is low.
* Although they show a much reduced shrinkage during curing with light .
* Application compared to metal filler requires very sensitive and takes longer.


* Matrix systems: food together and be comfortable after filling the escape of the waste can be removed on the right matrix is very important. In our clinic for cases of 6 different brands and different systems are used .
* Bonding agents: antiseptic agents containing structure after filling to avoid sensitivity and dental fillings is preferred bonding agent which provides a very good adhesion.
* Filler materials: the front group may be polished well , esthetic composite materials with very different colors , the rear group of fillers (durability ) ratio is increased also the minimum shrinkage are preferred composite materials.
* Lighting equipment: light level to minimize the shrinkage factor of the disadvantages of composite slowly growing LED devices are preferred.
* Varnish systems: different brand of disc , rubber and using chemical agents, fillers can be made over the years to protect the brightness and color.


According to one session and 30 minutes - 1 hour in full size ( 2-3 filling can be done in the same session )


High quality composite filling material usage.
Choosing the right matrix and painstaking work of the physician.
Composite fillings post-treatment oral hygiene.


* The removal of decayed tissue using a local anesthetic.
* To hold the filling to the tooth surface ' bonding ' agents called sürülürek be hardened with a special light .
* Selecting the most appropriate color for a tooth filling material , the light-hardened in small layers .
* Alınması.so the stage of making the polish of a natural tooth to be given the appropriate form and redundancy.