Implant Treatment

What are Dental Implants ?

Placed for treatment instead of lost teeth , fused with the bone tissue after a period of time , which may act as a natural tooth , the root of tooth implants We call made ​​from suitable materials.

Scope of Application
Missing single tooth , multiple missing teeth and implants can be applied in all cases all teeth .

The implant ( artificial tooth ); As we allow single tooth cutting the lack of adjacent teeth without the need to fill the gaps , and use more conservative on this support allows them to be comfortable in all teeth dentures.


  • Implants are much better than the other bridges and dentures chewing function .
  • They are far superior in terms of aesthetics and durability.
  • The necessity to use and saves you from the hassle removable dentures , implants help to recover the confidence of the people who use removable dentures previously in this regard.
  • Jawbone resorption is reduced thanks to the implant.
  • It eliminates the necessity of making progressive grinding bridge natural teeth.
  • Compared to the gums and supporting bone to the prosthesis bridge and gives a more natural esthetic result.
  • Implants are provided through more healthy and balanced diet .


  • The biggest drawback is wrong and inadequate practices are complications that may arise as a result . And with this female screw with infection and may result in loss of healthy bone tissue around both .
  • Prosthetic implant bridges than the cost , but the cost compared to a few years ago have fallen to acceptable levels.
  • Some pain after the surgery , in some extreme cases , swelling , bruising may be . But they are all distress will pass in time.
  • False indications and sufficient knowledge and experience that can not be treated with the implant could turn into disadvantages , especially from the aesthetic point of view.


To use advanced surgical techniques in implant surgery ; surgical fizyodispans , surgical piezoelectric device , PRP device , hard and soft tissue laser , hard and soft tissue grafts, advanced surgical techniques, application tools we utilize dental tomographic imaging systems and computerized CAD-CAM system.


Sterile operation is essential for success . the implant should be done in maximum hygiene conditions. Information on the achievement , skills, experience is important. The most important pillars of success are physicians who implant te implements and implants itself onto the denture .
You need to take advantage of all the technological amenities. All kinds of technological devices in the clinical setting , team and equipment should be .
Experienced physicians trained dental implant success in terms of the help that the staff increases. The patient also has a role in implant success . To pay attention to the patient's oral hygiene , regular use of the drug are factors that increase the success comply with physician instructions and suggestions. Otherwise, the screw thread in the bone tissue around develop infection .


mpilant to totally toothless mouths all day , even with the technological possibilities (12-14 screw thread) are uygulayabilmekt . In some cases, especially surgical procedures can be divided into several sessions for the comfort of the patients. Our first application time varies according to the case with the surgical implant is usually 15 minutes

Standard stage implant surgery should be expected in 3-5 months, 2-3 months in the upper jaw, lower jaw subsequent application to make dentures on implants . This is because the implant in the jaw bone is not necessarily expected of a healthy bone tissue formation . After sufficient time for prosthetic stage , it will be opened over the dimensions of the implant. 2-3 treatment sessions and is completed in about one week making implanted prosthesis .

Surgical Steps

Screw dental surgery will be completely hissizleştirilip implant is then inserted into the bone of the toothless area method . The process usually numb the area to be supplied with locally anesthetized . but in some cases under general anesthesia ( completely uyutarak ) made ​​of surgical procedures. Surgery can be done with open or closed surgical stage .

Open surgical procedures ( flaps method):
Doctors in the field of hard tissue implant is to be applied to the surgical practice of seeing in person. In this method, an incision is made in the soft tissue and bone tissue opening space is seen. When the implant is being covered by sewing over the drop zone .

Closed surgical procedures ( Flaps method):
Also known as surgical method. This method of tomographic image of the patient's dental and surgical guides prepared in accordance with the measure of advantage to implant in the mouth . This guideline without any cut in the area of ​​parity, removing the gingiva and implant . Sewing is not taken in this method. Because there is a cut gum area with a scalpel .

Immediant Implant Method

Dental implants can be placed on the tooth cavity is pulled in many cases impossible . Cut to be disposed of , in terms of lifting the flap closed surgical method is similar , but is similar to open surgery in terms of what 's observed in the field of bone implant. In this method usually it stitches . Shortening the length of time because of the need for a second surgical procedure is very advantageous . Of the toothless patient with appropriate temporary denture after implant surgery done. In each case, a temporary prosthesis and dental surgery can not be performed after each screw application.

Implant Prosthetic Treatment Phase

* The level of X-ray bone fusion implants pulling checked.
* Opening a small hole through the gingival gum formers are screwed into the implant . To facilitate this process, the use of the detector to pinpoint the location of the implant to be implanted in the same session measure permits .
* Gums opening open surgical methods to get the measure can be expected in cases where gum shaper placed 4 to 5 days.
* The infrastructure of the prosthesis in the laboratory after Measurement ( metal , zirconium, etc . ) Is prepared.
* Criteria at the next session abutment and infrastructure rehearsal is done . Measure taken to porcelain .
* Infrastructure porcelain made ​​in the next session of the rehearsal rehearsal .
* Problems or porcelain teeth granted a temporary basis while adhering rehearsal .
* If there is a problem with prostheses made ​​permanent adhesive and coatings. Create Problems that if the necessary corrections are made .

Use of implantable prostheses Phase Detector

Gums drilled screw fixed prostheses are opened before permanent place to hang the upper part of the tooth. Due to this process using special cutters flap removing or recovery time is longer. Implant detectors used in suspected cases of implants is robust , shortens the prosthesis construction period , neither requires a separate x-rays for each implant to avoid receiving unnecessary radiation and to be not less provide a more comfortable recovery for the patient.